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For the Technical Analyst who also plays the role of a Business Analyst… couple tidbits

19 Jun 2010 - 1 Comment

I have seen times when a consultant must wear multiple hats on a project. I have experienced this first hand! I have come in to a client and had to immediately be involved in developing demos/POC’s during requirements gathering of a project. This was great as I get my hands dirty with ASP.NET/C#, JQuery, T-SQL, PL/SQL, KML, etc. (the stuff I love…). Next thing I know, I’m owner of Business Requirements Documents (BRD’s) – spatial mapping, web portal, etc. Being that I also have a background in Business, this wasn’t too frightening, but I just wanted to share some tidbits about how to make your life easier when finding yourself creating professional business documents for the client:

1. Leverage pre-existing documents that are already created. It is definitely okay to use the skeleton of someone else’s document to get you started (internal stuff!).

2. Be VERY precise. I know you have heard this a million times, but I actually got compliments from the client on my BRD’s for how to the point they were.

3. Leverage PowerPoint for creating diagrams. There are some neat images/shapes you can use. Just copy and paste them into your document. (I have even created ERD’s in PowerPoint before…)

4. Be confident. This is the biggest part to writing an effective document. If you don’t understand something ask your team if they could clarify a concept. Nothing is worse than trying to write about a topic that you aren’t 100% clear on.

Hope this helps…

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