ASP.NET MVC – Making Progress

14 Sep 2014 - No Comments

Just wrapped up a couple projects using ASP.NET MVC 5.  There’s been significant progress made by Microsoft on their MVC framework.  Last time I used ASP.NET MVC was in the 2.0 days, and man was it rough.  Some of the things that stood out: C# 5.0 makes data manipulation a much smoother process VS 2013 [...]

Bootstrap for UI

15 Dec 2013 - No Comments

Just wrapping up my first gig with Bootstrap as the front-end framework and interface. Looks fantastic and great to work with. If you haven’t already checked it out, it’s super clean and repeatable. Abstracts a lot of the intricisies required when building web forms and interactive UI’s. You should check it out at getbootstrap.com.

How to add a user to a SharePoint group programatically without Access is Denied error?

19 Jun 2010 - No Comments

I have tried and tried to add a user to a SharePoint group using C# programatically (using a non-site admin). If I am logged in as a site admin, it works fine… but, if I am logged in as a non-site admin then I get an access is denied error. After doing some investigation I [...]

ASP.NET AJAX – the good and the bad

19 Jun 2010 - No Comments

ASP.NET AJAX is great right? Just throw a script manager and update panel right down on the page and wahla… Not so fast. Although ASP.NET’s baked in ajax controls are very useful, you have to be careful that your ajaxed-up code works well on your production system. I recommend that if you are using ASP.NET [...]

For the Technical Analyst who also plays the role of a Business Analyst… couple tidbits

19 Jun 2010 - 1 Comment

I have seen times when a consultant must wear multiple hats on a project. I have experienced this first hand! I have come in to a client and had to immediately be involved in developing demos/POC’s during requirements gathering of a project. This was great as I get my hands dirty with ASP.NET/C#, JQuery, T-SQL, [...]